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Yo ! Head over to Overgrowth Store, buy yourself a print by Parker Fitzgerald Himself and you will get yourself one of these 18 x 24 posters  I designed for free.
Sarah and gilded olive designed and styled by Riley Messina. Shot on Kodak Portra 160 using a Leica M2.
Overgrowth is always Ransom Limited + Erba Studio. To celebrate our one-year anniversary, we are having a 10% off sale all month in the Overgrowth store! Just enter ANNIVERSARY at checkout for a discount. Also, the next 50 orders get an extremely limited, signed, 18 x 24” First Anniversary poster (check Overgrowth’s FB page for the poster design)! 
Overgrowth is officially now a year old! 
To celebrate, we are gifting an 18 x 24” signed, extremely limited edition poster to the next 50 orders through the Overgrowth store (shipped separately, see Overgrowth’s Facebook page for design).The entire shop is on sale for the next month as well! Take 10% off your entire order by entering ANNIVERSARY at checkout.As always, Overgrowth is Erba Studio + Ransom Limited. Thanks for all of the support and encouragement over the last year and here’s to another!
Lauren in the river. Shot on Kodak Portra 160 using a Leica M2.
The Columbia River with Oregon and Washington seen from the air. Shot on Kodak 160 using a Leica M2.
Lauren in the river. Testing and portrait studies. Shot on Kodak Portra 160 using a Leica M2.
PDX - NRT. Somewhere over Alaska. Shot on Kodak Portra 160 using a Leica M2.
Berta Pfirsich and Michael Skattum for Popeye Magazine, Portland City Guide. 2014.
Shot with Kodak 160 using a Contax 645.
New Overgrowth for your Friday. Of Lauren Isabeau. Styling and design by Riley Messina. Shot on Kodak Portra 160.
Ransom Limited + Erba Studio.
Sunspots and Liz.
Shot on Kodak Portra 160 using a Leica M2.

Ms. Kailey Flyte for Wonderzine.
Ransom Limited
New Overgrowth!
With Lana, shot on Kodak Portra 160.
Styled by Riley Messina.Ransom Limited + Erba Studio.
At long last, Overgrowth has it’s own website!
More updates to come soon. Check back regularly!
Ransom Limited + Erba Studio.